Why study Financial Risk Management ?

Risk Management is a new academic invention within the subject area of Finance and Economics. Not many people know about this subject (on its own) but those who do, always seem to suggest that Risk Finance belongs within the domain of Actuarial Sciences.

I strongly disagree.

I would like to introduce FRM -Financial Risk Management as a subject in its own right and an important paradigm shift in the field of Microeconomics.

After the emergence of Basel II Accord, the term Financial Risk has become Synonymous with bankers around the world. More fame came with the recent outbreak of global credit crunch which lead to a meltdown not seen before in International financial markets.

I believe with so much going on in International Markets, it is the right time to study Financial Risk in FI (Financial Institutional) settings.

I am currently writing my PhD. Thesis in this subject and would appreciate feedback from other scholars and students alike.

The chosen working title of my thesis is ” Differentiation of Market Risk Characteristics among Listed Sharia and Conventional Firms: selected evidences drawn from the KSE 100 Index”

I am looking forward to contributing to this subject online as much as possible.  I would like to share my PhD. writing experiences with all of you and would require your feedback from time to time

thank you

About sahriskmanager

I have worked as a Head of Risk and a risk culture builder at both Asset Management and Commercial Banking Institutions within and outside of Pakistan. Over the years I have developed exhaustive understanding of risks that exist in both Sharia and Conventional Finance related Investments and Financing/Lending Products. I have invaluable experiences to share with respect to setting up and restructuring of Financial Risk Management Departments at Islamic Banks and Asset Management Firms . This includes developing policy and procedure manuals, recruiting of staff, imparting Risk Trainings and preparing the entire SDI (System, Design & Installation) work-flow frameworks for the department itself. What I shall post on these blog pages are my personal experiences, global risk management issues and academic interests which I would like to share with academicians, students and practitioners of FRM - Financial Risk Management all over the world.
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